Japanese Society for Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy

Greeting from the President

Shigetoshi Sano,
President of JSCIA
Kochi University

It is a great honor to be elected as the president of The Japanese society for cutaneous immunology and allergy (JSCIA) in November, 2019. The JSCIA was established in 2017, after integration of three renown dermatological societies; The Antigen Investigating Society of Dermatology, The Dermatological Society for Patch Test, and The Dermatological Society for Vascular Diseases and Collagen Diseases. Therefore, I am very proud of having opportunity to contribute this national-wide association with a current membership of over 3,000 physicians, that strives to enhance the quality of human life by supporting an environment in which dermatologists can provide the highest quality of care.

The immunology and inflammation are in the major biological responses, to which the skin should be inevitably confronted, as the context of physiological and pathophysiological status, since the skin is the outermost organ of the body. In fact, most of skin diseases are associated with abnormal condition of immunology, which represents not only local skin reaction but also consequences from systemic immunological disorders. We Japanese physicians had long established the descriptional dermatology since the Meiji era, of late 19th century, despite no knowledge of immunology at that time, of course. Still, we were able to distinguish and diagnose many skin diseases as correctly as we do now, because we dermatologist had trained to describe skin eruptions in detail. Since last 20 years, the advancement of immunology has provided a marked progress not only in the understanding of the pathophysiology of a number of diseases but also in the treatments such as biological therapies with antibodies and small molecule inhibitors.

We have an advantage to have representative on-line journal, the Journal of Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy (JCIA)https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/25744593, which was founded in 2018 with an enormous contribution by the ex-president, Dr. Tokura and is now relevant to be a platform of recent reports of clinics as well as basic research.

Further, we do hope keep ahead in this field and more strength with all the members of the JSCIA. To this end, we need the support of all active dermatologists to continue our efforts.



  • Sano, Shigetoshi


  • Akiyama, Masashi
  • Asada, Hideo
  • Asai, Toshiya
  • Fujimoto, Manabu
  • Hasegawa, Minoru
  • Kabashima, Kenji
  • Kataoka, Yoko
  • Kato, Norito
  • Morita, Eishin
  • Murota, Hiroyuki
  • Saeki, Hidehisa
  • Sato, Takahiro
  • Sayama, Kouji
  • Tsuruta, Daisuke
  • Yagami, Akiko
  • Yamamoto, Toshiyuki


  • Aoyama, Yumi
  • Kawai, Kazuhiro
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